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Brighter by the day : waking up to new hopes and dreams
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From the beloved host of Good Morning America and New York Times bestselling author Robin Roberts, a guide to instilling hope and optimism into readers' lives, infusing their days with positivity and encouragement.

Over the last 16 years as the esteemed anchor of Good Morning America , Robin Roberts has helped millions of people across the country greet each new morning, gracing our screens with heart and humility. She has sought to bring a bit of positivity into each day, even in the most trying of times. Now, she shares with readers the guidance she's received, her own hard-won wisdom, and eye-opening experiences that have helped her find the good in the world and usher in light--even on the darkest days.

Drawing on advice and knowledge she gleaned from conversations with loved ones, spiritual practices, and life experiences, Robin offers a window into how she feeds her own mind, spirit, and soul and invites readers to do the same. With a deeply personal touch, she explains that just like any skill, optimism requires practice and demonstrates how we can shift our mindsets and give ourselves permission to let our best intentions take root and be true.

Full of profound insight and the compassion to meet readers wherever they are on their journey, this contemplative and uplifting read is a breath of fresh air that will bring a dose of joy into your daily life.
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Kirkus Review
The Emmy-winning Good Morning America anchor offers advice for finding joy in life. The author's latest book is a result of the positive feedback she has received from her followers. Craving connection during the pandemic shutdown, Roberts began posting inspirational messages on social media from her basement studio. "Not everyone naturally sees silver linings," she writes, "but we can challenge ourselves to spot them." Her hope is that this book will help readers do just that. As numerous experts have argued, the author contends that many of us are going through a mental health crisis right now, but we all have the tools available to create more fulfilling lives. Throughout her book, she offers tips and advice, including reevaluating our relationships and engaging in "daily pleasures," such as listening to music, resuming old hobbies, or engaging in transcendental meditation, as she has for a decade. She also includes an inspirational quote at the beginning of each chapter (from Vincent van Gogh and Helen Keller to Tina Fey and Dolly Parton). Regarding optimism, Roberts believes that one has to be ready and to "recommit to our new intention every day." Drawing on her faith and advice she has received from family and friends, the author recounts personal experiences that have helped her achieve joy, and she describes how the pandemic has made her reevaluate what matters most--e.g., being diagnosed with breast cancer and attending therapy. Ultimately, Roberts encourages readers to follow their hearts. "We usually have our own answers," she writes. "We just have to settle down long enough to hear them." Much of the author's advice is familiar, some trite, but for the most part, it's sound, and her words are heartfelt and encouraging. Fans of Roberts and newcomers alike can benefit from the continuation of her message as they begin forging their own paths. Copyright (c) Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.
Table of Contents
Introduction: Dawn of a New Dayp. xi
Part 1The Joy Mindset
1Happiness vs. Joyp. 3
2Make Your "One Day" Your Day Onep. 13
3Change the Way You Think to Change the Way You Feelp. 31
4Envision Your Victoryp. 41
5Give Thanks for the Glassp. 53
Part 2Positive On Purpose
6Dream Big, Focus Smallp. 67
7When Fear Knocks, Let Faith Answerp. 81
8Your Tribe Determines Your Vibep. 95
9Get Ready for Your Suddenlyp. 107
10Lighter by the Dayp. 117
11God's Delays Are Not His Denialsp. 131
12Make Your Mess Your Messagep. 143
Part 3Stronger Than You Know
13Vulnerability Is Strengthp. 163
14Beyond Your Comfort Zonep. 185
15The Best Is Yet to Comep. 199
Acknowledgmentsp. 209
Notesp. 211
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